Policy for Equality and Cohesion

Equality Objectives 2012 – 2015

In 2012 we set ourselves a number of objectives in support of our policy for Equality and Cohesion. There have been several positive outcomes from this approach:

  • the Rights Respecting agenda has continued to gain momentum and for both staff and students, the Five Respects remain central to the school’s focus on securing the right behaviours
  • There has been an ongoing identification of any students who are not performing as well as their peers and support has been put in place to tackle any disadvantage. The school is successfully addressing any gaps.
  • Throughout the school, braille signage has been introduced to ensure that our visually impaired students can fully access the building
  • We have completed a job evaluation exercise and implemented findings to ensure that there are no inequalities in our pay and grading structure
  • We remain proud of our diverse workforce and further work has been undertaken to ensure that we collate valuable equality monitoring data
  • We have been working closely with staff union representatives to explore further opportunities to enhance staff well-being

Equality Objectives 2016 Onwards

Work is currently underway to establish our new priorities which will be published shortly.