Charging and Remissions Policy


The aim of this policy is to set out the circumstances under which the school will;
  • levy a charge to Parents/Carers,
  • grant a remission of normal charges, and
  • ask for voluntary contributions.

The school will not charge for:

  • Admission to the school,
  • Education that takes place during officially recognised school hours which relates to:
    - syllabuses for prescribed examinations
    - the implementation of the national curriculum
    - musical tuition if it forms part of the curriculum or a prescribed syllabus
    - religious education
  • Activities relating specifically to the school curriculum (but see section below on Residential Trips),
  • Entrance fees for prescribed examinations,
  • An exam re-mark that the school requests,
  • School equipment and materials (unless parents wish to own them),
  • Activities or trips taking place wholly or mainly during school* hours (but see section below on voluntary contributions),
  • Transport costs during school hours* (but see section below on voluntary contributions).

*School Hours defined as:
If 50% or more of the time spent on the activity occurs during school hours, it is deemed to take place during school hours. Travel occurring during school hours counts in the calculation. School hours do not include the break in the middle of the day.

The school will charge for:
*Ingredients and materials for subjects such as D&T/ Food Technology etc. where parents have indicated a wish to own the finished product
*Lost or damaged school property e.g. text or exercise books, equipment
*Wilful damage to School property, equipment or furniture
*The recovery of examination fees where the student fails, without good reason/medical certificate, to complete the examination requirements for any public examination for which the School has paid an entry fee
*Examinations for which a student has not been prepared for in The Radclyffe School or during school hours
*Examination entries where there is a request from the parent/carer for additional subject entries to be made which are not supported by the school
*Individual appeals to Examination Boards based on parental requests – payment must be made before the appeal is lodged
*Postage Costs for posting Examination Certificates not collected at Presentation Evening
*Optional extra activities which take place wholly or mainly outside school hours (i.e. At least 50% outside School time) and which are based on parental choice. Charges will be made for all or part of a pupil’s travel costs, board and lodgings, materials and equipment, entrance fees, activity charges including those for extra-curricular activities/school clubs
*Board and lodgings on residential trips
*The provision of music tuition given to pupils except where it is given to fulfil statutory duties relating to the Curriculum or requirements specified in the syllabus for a public exam.

Residential Trips

Schools will not charge for:
*education provided on any trip that takes place during school hours;
*education provided on any trip that takes place outside school hours if it is part of the National Curriculum, or part of a syllabus for a prescribed public examination that the pupil is being prepared for at the school, or part of religious education; and
*supply teachers to cover for those teachers who are absent from school accompanying pupils on a residential trip.

Schools will charge for:
*board and lodging for all trips (Some exceptions – see Remissions)
*for trips deemed to be outside school hours the school can also charge for:
-travel costs
-materials, books, instruments and other equipment
-non-teaching staff costs
-entrance fees to museums, theatres, castles, etc
-insurance costs

Residential Trips– definition of the school day

If the number of school sessions taken up by the trip is 50% or more of the number of half days spent on the trip, it is deemed to have taken place during school hours (even if some activities take place late in the evening). Whatever the starting and finishing times of the school day, Regulations require that the school day is divided into 2 sessions. A “half day” means any period of 12 hours ending with noon or midnight on any day.

Example: Students are away from noon on Wednesday to 9pm on Sunday.

Summary: 5 school sessions out of a possible 9 sessions = 55.56 % and therefore the trip deemed to have taken place within school hours.

Remission of Charges

For Educational Residential Trips (wholly or mainly in Term-Time) the school will remit in full, the cost of board and lodging where the parents/carers of a student are in receipt of the following support payments or if the student is eligible for Free School Meals (FSM). Trips during school holidays that are not wholly or mainly Educational Trips will be assessed on a trip-by-trip basis.

Support Payments: Income Support, Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 or Child Tax Credit, where the parent is not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income (as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) that does not exceed the current year’s level.

The school may remit charges in full or in part to other parents after considering other specific hardship cases.

The school encourages parents/carers to apply, in the strictest confidence, for the remission of charges in part or in full.

The Headteacher will authorise remission.

Voluntary Contributions

*These may be requested for any activity taking place during or outside school hours including residential trips.
*There is no restriction placed on the use which can be made of such contributions.
*There will be no obligation for a Parent/ Carer to contribute.
*Students will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have contributed.
*If an activity/trip etc cannot be funded without certain voluntary contributions and these are not forthcoming, the activity/trip might not take place.
*The school encourages Parents/Carers of students entitled to Free School Meals or Pupil Premium to apply for a remission of voluntary contributions. ( A student attracts Pupil Premium Grant for the school if they are a Looked After Child or has been entitled to FSM within the last 6 years.)

You can download a copy of the Parent/Carer Application for a Reduction in Charges or Voluntary Contributions for School Trips Form from the Downloads section opposite.

Approved by Governors: February 2018
Next Review: March 2019