Café Mojo

Café Mojo is our school dining area, offering a wide choice of healthy, nutritious food and drinks. Our catering provider is Taylor Shaw. The cashless payment system is safe, secure, quick and easy to use.

Our modern dining room, called Café Mojo, offers delicious hot and cold food before school, at break and lunchtimes. The Radclyffe School has achieved the ‘Healthy Schools Standard’ and healthy and nutritious food and drink is available across the school day.

Café Mojo operates a cashless biometric system. Each student has their own Café Mojo account. This system recognises each individual and records how much money is received and spent. It will also record what food and drink is purchased and at what time of day.

A student will keep the same Café Mojo account until they leave The Radclyffe School, usually at the end of year 11. A leaver (student or staff) can get back money left on their Café Mojo account from the Catering Manager in Café Mojo. Any balances that are unclaimed will be passed from Taylor Shaw to the school. The school will be responsible for the money and hold it for 12 months for parents or students to reclaim. After this time the money will be used for altruistic purposes that benefit the school community.

Payment Process Video

Watch our instructional video of the payment process for Café Mojo. This video demonstrates how a student would add funds to their Café Mojo account, and how they would purchase items from the café.

Café Mojo Website

With the recent launch of the Café Mojo website, students at the school are now able to view weekly and specially themed menus and all the latest meal tariffs. The Café Mojo website has been created by the VTLE Team and is accessible to students through the school VTLE. Students can also download a booking form to order Grab Bags for collection from the Café. Menu’s and tariffs are updated on a weekly basis so that students are always up to date with the latest deals and prices.

Cafe Mojo - Coming Soon Poster - catering school meals