Book of Excellence

Our weekly celebration of students’ excellence

The Book of Excellence is a striking celebration of the school’s ethos. Created from our students’ design concepts, at its heart the book is building a permanent, ever-growing record of our students’ achievement and excellence throughout the school.

Each week a student from each year group is chosen from staff nominations, their success recorded in the book for everyone to see. The pages build up an archive of distinction through the year.

Martim (Year 7)
Nominated by Miss Kentebe

I would like to nominate Martim for the Book of Excellence.

Martim has displayed amazing participation in intervention. He is incredibly polite, hardworking and enthusiastic.

Well done Martim!

Ameesha (Year 8)
Nominated by Mrs M Jones

Ameesha has only been in my lessons for a few weeks and is already showing outstanding creativity and skill in her work, both design and practical. She is currently making a circus juggling ball set with a drawstring bag.

Ameesha is a joy to teach and is a credit to The Radclyffe School as she helps and supports others in the class.

Very well done Ameesha!

Madeeha (Year 9)
Nominated by Mrs Taylor

Madeeha is an excellent student who demonstrates the Five Respects at all times.

The quality of her skills and work in Art is excellent. She has got an excellent attitude to learning and her behaviour in lessons is exemplary.
She is making good or outstanding progress in five of her subjects and has 100% attendance, which demonstrates her commitment to her learning.

Well done Madeeha.

Nomaan (Year 10)
Nominated by Mr Munro

I nominate Namaan Mohammed for the Book of Excellence.

Nomaan has shown a dramatic change in attitude this year and has become a fixture within the department, dedicating his lunchtime to working on his project.

He has shown a great attitude to his work, a real passion for perfection. Through hard work and determination he has produced a lovely project that he is very happy with.

Well done Nomaan.

Sharmin (Year 11)
Nominated by Mrs McNiven

Sharmin always speaks and acts respectfully, both in lessons and around the school. It has become apparent whilst marking her Science PPE exams quite how much she respects her own learning.

Her responses to the exam questions show how much she is willing to invest in her own learning , in time and effort. This will be important for her success in the summer and is also acting as an example to her peers.

Very well done Sharmin.