Book of Excellence

Our weekly celebration of students’ excellence

The Book of Excellence is a striking celebration of the school’s ethos. Created from our students’ design concepts, at its heart the book is building a permanent, ever-growing record of our students’ achievement and excellence throughout the school.

Each week a student from each year group is chosen from staff nominations, their success recorded in the book for everyone to see. The pages build up an archive of distinction through the year.

Marwa (Year 7)
Nominated by Miss Murray

I would like to nominate Marwa for the Book of Excellence.

Marwa has worked hard all year and is making ‘Outstanding’ progress in English. She is well mannered, enthusiastic and very resilient.

I was particularly proud of her this week as she got the highest score in spellings that she has got all year.

Well done!

Tia (Year 7)
Nominated by Miss Cooper

I would like to nominate Tia for the Book of Excellence.

Tia is a very polite and respectful student. She has made a terrific start within PE and always performs to the best of her ability.

Keep up the good work Tia!

Hafsah (Year 8)
Nominated by Miss Roman

I would like to nominate Hafsah for the Book of Excellence, for graduating the Accelerated Reader programme. Well done.

Hafsah is an excellent role model to other students.

Ahmet (Year 9)
Nominated by Mrs Thompson

I nominate Ahmet for the Book of Excellence.

Ahmet is an excellent role model to his peers, he has excellent attendance and only positive logs.

He was fantastic in the school production of Mary Poppins, playing Mr Northbrook, and is a good member of the Council.

Well done!

Milly (Year 10)
Nominated by Miss Taberham

I nominate Milly for the Book of Excellence in Drama.

Every lesson Milly goes above and beyond on her classwork, home learning and in supporting her peers.

She has led KS3 Drama Club and directed their performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the Performing Arts Xplosion, as well as being a fantastic Stage Manager on the night.

Milly is a dream to have in GCSE Drama and extra-curricular.

Well done!