Book of Excellence

A weekly celebration of students’ excellence

The Book of Excellence is a striking celebration of the school’s ethos. Created from our students’ design concepts, at its heart the book is building a permanent, ever-growing record of our students’ achievement and excellence throughout the school.

Each week a student from each year group is chosen from staff nominations (though for this week we are rewarding our Year 11s), their success recorded in the book for everyone to see. The pages build up an archive of distinction through the year.

Musa (Year 7)
Nominated by Mrs Wild

Musa is an outstanding student who is extremely polite and always displays an excellent attitude in the library by assisting in tidying chairs etc.

Musa is regularly reading and quizzing on different AR books to improve his reading age.

Well done Musa!

Bobbi-Jo (Year 8)
Nominated by Miss Cooper and Miss Goddard

We would like to nominate Bobbi-Jo Hunt for the Book of Excellence.

Bobbi-Jo is a student who always puts 100% into her PE lessons. She always follows the Five Respects and has a fantastic attitude to learning.

Well done!

Aribah (Year 9)
Nominated by Miss Smith

I would like to nominate Aribah Khan for an exceptional piece of home learning that she completed over the half term.

She consistently completes outstanding pieces of homework but she has made an extra special effort this time.

Well done.

Adam (Year 10)
Nominated by Mrs Chapman

I nominate Adam Sheeraz for the Book of Excellence.

Adam had a 100% home learning record for the whole of Year 9 and this has continued into Year 10.

He works to the best of his ability in every Geography lesson and always completes all of his work to a high standard.

Well done Adam.

Amina (Year 11)
Nominated by Miss Murray

Amina has continued to work extremely hard in English language and Literature. She comes to revision sessions after school and has all her own detailed notes.

Her contributions in class are always thoughtful and she has a very positive, focused attitude to learning.

Amina has been the stand out student for 11TR during this first half term.

Well done Amina!