"The Radclyffe Way"

At The Radclyffe School we have created a unique learning environment which enables everyone to fulfil their potential and dreams without a ceiling on anyone’s ambitions. The commitment, dedication and drive that enable this to happen are called ‘The Radclyffe Way’.

‘The Radclyffe Way’ is about putting our children centre stage and using the talents of ALL our staff to ensure our students achieve their personal excellence, in short their very best in both academic and personal development. Personal Excellence is about our staff saying to our children tell us what your dreams are and we will help support and nurture you to achieve them. ‘The Radclyffe Way’ is about stretching each child so they achieve their full potential and more.

‘The Radclyffe Way’ is embodied in our mission statement, “Working Together for Excellence”, which informs everything we do. ‘The Radclyffe Way’ is about achieving personal excellence through teamwork. It is about the pride in our school and the partnership between students, staff, parents and the community to achieve personal excellence. ‘The Radclyffe Way’ is about adhering to our ‘Five Respects’ in pursuit of excellence. Therefore, it is not just about what we do but the way we do it.

‘The Radclyffe Way’ and our ‘Five Respects’ embody the ethos and values of our school and what we strive to achieve. Indeed, they uphold the fundamental British values of tolerance, mutual respect, the rule of law and freedom. By teaching our students the difference between right and wrong, and our emphasis on self-discipline, we have created a culture in which each student can thrive and flourish no matter what their background.