Personal Excellence Planning For You (PEP4U)

Our PEP4U support program is in place to play an important part in the progress of your child. Regular one-to-one meetings with their ‘Personal Learning Guide’ allows reflection and discussion time on their progress and learning throughout their time here at The Radclyffe School.

The Radclyffe School endeavours to maximise the potential of all of our students. PEP4U is an innovative student support program unique to The Radclyffe School and plays a vital role in the progress of students.

Each student at The Radclyffe School is paired with a Personal Learning Guide (PLG) who they meet with at least once every three weeks at 8.35am before lessons.

The one-to-one meeting is a personalised and effective learning experience that enables students to reflect on their learning, achievements and areas for improvement. The meeting also helps to identify what is going well for each student and any ways they can improve their progress and learning.

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