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Poetic performance brings prizes

Students poetic creativity has earned rewards from Oldham Sixth Form College this term, as two students were awarded prizes in the college’s poetry Competition. Cody and Jessica, members of the Writing Wizards creative writing group, received their prizes from Philippa Gell, a tutor at the college.

The Writing Wizards meet each week to develop their talents, with younger students mentored by students in KS4. Students also created their own stories for the BBC Radio 2 500 words writing competition.

Congratulations to Cody and Jessica. Take a read of their winning poems below:

Poem, by Cody

The breezy coastal wind brushes through his hair
His feet sink in the soft sand beneath him,
The pounding heartbeat of the sea in the air,
As the night comes, the sun descends into the sea,
Yellow as daffodils,
The sky is turning different shades of glee,
He thinks of him and he feels sorrow
He doesn’t know when it will happen,
He doesn’t know if he will be here tomorrow,
The person he loves most he will have to leave,
To leave him widowed with no-one to love,
A tear rolls down his cheek and he wipes it on his sleeve.

Endless, by Jessica

Endless was the landscape,
Endless was his mind,
Endless was his love.
Sand blew and shrubs swept,
Clouds swirled and water dried,
And while his heart stopped.
His love now gone,
Never to come back,
Eyes closed as he heard the rhythm of the sea’s heartbeat.
Colourless was the sky,
Coated in black and white,
His love for colour gone.
Broken and alone, the human stared,
No colour in his eyes,
All the colour in his world washed away,
Never to be seen again.

24 July 2018

writing wizard winners

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