Visit from NUT's Christine Blower

Union boss shares her experience with Business students

One of Britain’s highest profile union leaders was the guest of Business Studies students at The Radclyffe School.

Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers spoke to the GCSE students from Years 10 and 11. Introducing something of the history of trades unions, she also discussed how unions operate and some of the benefits they bring to both employees and employers.

Students took the opportunity to ask questions about the trade union movement, the minimum wage and other topics. Miss Blower worked with students on exercises to test their knowledge and understanding of what unions can do.

Head of Computing & Business Andy Maher said, “We were very pleased to welcome Christine into school to speak to students. The lesson was really helpful for students to expand their knowledge and understanding.”

The visit was arranged through the Speakers4Schools programme, a charity providing secondary schools with access to talks from inspiring, leading figures across all industries and academic fields, free of charge.

10 October 2014

Christine Blower with students

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