University of Manchester Chemistry show

Flashes and bangs inspire scientists

Amazing chemical reactions were revealed, and explained, at a special performance at school. The Flash Bang Show, presented by top chemists from the University of Manchester, introduced chemistry in an entertaining and accessible way.

Year 8 students formed the audience, just as many of them set out on their GCSE studies. Science subjects form a vital part of the National Curriculum.
Dr Jonathan Agger introduced the show, where exciting experiments featured sudden colour changes, chemical clocks, fizzes, whizzes, fireworks, crashes and bangs.

As well as reinforcing students’ learning about atoms, molecules, solids, liquids and gases, they also got to hear about some cutting edge Manchester research.

Teacher of Chemistry Mrs Begum said, “The show was a spectacular way for the students to round off their studies for the year. We hope it will also inspire them about what can be achieved through studying science subjects. We might even have some future university students of Chemistry.”

22 July 2014

fiery experiment at the Flash Bang Show

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