Students using Lego to solve seniors’ issues

Lego League Judges’ Award won in first attempt

Using Lego robots to solve problems for older people was the challenge faced by students from The Radclyffe School. And the team came away with the Judges’ Award, coming top in one of the events.

Taking part for the first time in the ‘Lego League’ The Radclyffe School team, Ben Broomfield, James Hutchinson, Regan Hunt, Jordan Jackson, Harry Omand and Samuel Gregson travelled to Middleton City Learning Centre for the competition.

The Lego League is an international competition backed by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. The first challenge involved programming their robot to complete a series of missions, scoring points against the clock. The second half sought to solve a problem faced by older people.

Working with their senior partner Mrs Rita Bostock, the students were asked to research, develop and share their own innovative solutions to an issue of concern to their senior partner.

The problem The Radclyffe School students identified was with lifting heavy bags out of kitchen bins.

The students worked together to think up original ways to solve the problem, and created a bin with a piston that, at the push of a button removes the bag from the bin. The user could then easily tie up the bag and put it in their wheeled bin for collection.

Rita Bostock said, “I told the boys that the controls for the bin should be easy to understand so elderly people like me don’t have to worry about struggling to use them. Also the buttons must be big so they can see and press the right ones.”

Teacher of Design & Technology, Mike Pidlyskyj said, “Taking part in the Lego League is a great opportunity for our students. Not only is it testing their engineering ability, the challenge this year is helping them to understand better the issues faced by older residents.”

12 December 2012

students prepare for the competition

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