Students test their talent with numbers

Maths Week gets lift off

Students’ enthusiasm for a week of activities to celebrate World Maths Day is being shared beyond the school gates. On Monday students released balloons with a twist attached — 16different maths puzzles.

As the helium filled balloons drifted off over Oldham, staff and students looked forward to receiving the answers from wherever they may reach. Anyone finding the balloons is invited to solve the maths puzzle and contact the school for the chance to win a prize. All of the questions have been created by our talented Year 7 mathematicians. The school hopes to have a winner soon after the half term break!

The Maths faculty is also delighted to welcome to school mathematician James Grime. James is bringing with him an original Enigma machine, used to break German submarine codes during World War 2. Students will enjoy a fascinating workshop where they will use the machine to break codes. They will discover how it was used during the war and the mathematical principles behind it.

James presents his own Youtube channel, singingbanana, presenting maths problems, tricks and lots of maths things that James finds interesting. He has also created another maths channel called Numberphile, inspiring people to enjoy maths.

Teacher of Maths Farida Adenwala said “We are very excited to share Maths both inside and out of the school. Throughout the Maths Week students will take part in quizzes and Beat the Teacher events to test their talents with numbers. Maths will also find its way into other lessons, showing the importance of good numeracy skills throughout the curriculum.”

17 October 2016

students prepare to release balloons

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