Students' tasks are building key skills

Giving students the (PiXL) edge

Leadership, organization, resilience, initiative and communication – these five attributes will be growing stronger amongst year 7 and 8 students thanks to an exciting project, running throughout the year.

It is called PixL Edge and is a qualification that students earn by taking part in accredited tasks and activities both in and out of school.

These can be either in lessons or in extra curricular activities. For each of the attributes students complete two activities. Our Year 7 and 8 students are working towards the Apprentice level.

Students have been creative in finding the tasks they want to carry out. Amongst those completed already have been leading warm up sessions in PE lessons, creating artwork which raised funds for the Manchester Arena victims, captaining a team in a Maths quiz, learning to play chess and creating a booklet about safety to help Year 6 pupils through transition.

Some of the tasks students are able to complete during their Citizenship & Values lessons, and others in their own time. The tasks are proving a great way to encourage students to be active and engaged in their local community.

Each student’s achievements are recorded online, checked by teachers or by external leaders.

What can students expect to gain from earning the qualification? For students who successfully complete all their tasks, they will discover new skills and experiences. It will also prove useful when the time comes to apply for college, for university or for employment, students can show that they are more than just their academic grades.

18 December 2017

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