Students spelling is magic!

Strictly Come Spelling tests students’ language talents

It may not have the glitter of the ballroom, but students at the Radclyffe School are applying the Strictly… experience to improving their vocabulary in Spanish and French lessons.

Students in Years 7 and 8 have competed in a new twist on the traditional spelling bee. In the first round all students were given ten words to spell, with the winners from each class going forward.

Each of the successful students were then partnered with a peer coach from years 10 and 11. The contestants were given not only words to spell but others to translate into English.

Ten finalists won through to the next round, five from French and five from Spanish, and in Strictly style each remaining round saw one contestant eliminated.

The final took place on Tuesday 16th December. Two students for each language pitted their wits and knowledge to win the Strictly Come Spelling trophy.

Many congratulations to our first ever winners, Zahra Ahmed in Year 7 (Spanish) and Lena Begum in Year 8 (French).

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Jo Parkes said, “The competition has been very exciting. The students were very serious and determined practicing their words and were given great support by their coaches.”

16 December 2014

Strictly Spelling finalists

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