Students learn from memories of genocide

Display marks Holocaust Memorial Day

Students at The Radclyffe School are remembering Holocaust Memorial Day with a special display in the school building.

The striking posters have helped them to learn about the events of the Second World War but also to understand more recent atrocities, in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Sudan.

The posters detail the bare facts of the human cost;
• 200,000 gypsies were among the victims of the Holocaust
• In 1994, one fifth of the population of Rwanda was murdered
• In Cambodia (1975-79) doctors, teachers, lawyers and even those who wore glasses were targeted

In lessons this week, each class has recorded their reactions to these events, and what could be done to avoid them happening again. All these thoughts have been written out and added to the poster display.

Teacher of History Amanda Jacob said, “The displays in school this week are acting as a powerful tool for learning. The students appreciate that it’s important not only to remember the events of the Holocaust but also those that have taken place more recently.”

“In their lessons students have examined how and why these events took place. As a ‘Rights Respecting School’, The Radclyffe School has a strong focus on helping students to be aware of human rights, for children and adults and both locally and across the world.”

29 January 2013

students with display posters

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