Students get inspiration for World Cup Carnival

Brazilian blend of arts, dance and music

Students at The Radclyffe School were introduced to colourful costumes, masks and a fascinating choice of unusual instruments.

The lessons were an introduction to the history of Brazilian Carnival, which the school will celebrate in July alongside the football World Cup.

Dancers and musicians from arts group Bangdrum Arts brought some of their amazing costumes into school. They explained the origins of Carnival, from the arrival of African slaves in South America and other influences that have added to it over the years.

Throughout this term the young people will take part in art, music and dance workshops, creating their own costumes, and getting ready to present their performance at the school’s Celebration Evening on 15th July.

This is the fourth year that the school has presented its Carnival, The event gives students an opportunity to learn and develop new skills and contribute to an exciting performance.

28 April 2014

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