Students consider route into Medicine

Medical Challenge makes career choices clear

Three testing challenges for students thinking about Medicine as a career were tackled at a special event in Ashton this week.

Students from The Radclyffe School took up the challenges, which examined physiology, Anatomy and Medical Ethics. The students were inspired by what they learned and enjoyed learning at an advanced level.

In the physiology challenge the students worked with 3-D models of the heart, learning how the heart and lungs work together. For anatomy they identified the body’s basic organs and what they do. Finally they discussed and came up with responses to some ethical and moral dilemmas that medics often face.

Alongside the challenges, the Year 10 and 11 students found out about what subjects they would need to study and what they would need to achieve. They also found out about what they could expect from interview processes and admission tests. A current medical student from Bart’s hospital in London shared his experience of university and a practising doctor at Tameside Hospital described their work and answered questions from the young people.

Student Fabbiha Akter who hopes to train as a doctor said, “The trip was a great experience and helped me in defining my path to Medicine. We took part in many eye-opening activities and asked questions, which gave me the best insight.”

Hadika Raja added, I really enjoyed the course. It has encouraged me to pursue Medicine. I have a better idea of what medical school would be like.

The event was hosted by Ashton Sixth Form College and organised by a specialist company MCS Projects. The events seek to raise young people’s aspirations through enriching their knowledge of science, technology and languages.

06 February 2015

Students in lecture theatre

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