Students build and launch their own rockets

It IS Rocket Science

Our Outstanding young science students in Years 7 and 8 earned a fantastic experience. led by John London from ‘Out of this World Learning’.

‘Rocket Day’ gave them the experience of building their own rocket, working in teams to assemble the rockets, install the motors, prepare the launch pad and watch as their creations zoomed more that 100 metres into the sky from Mission Control… the school’s playing fields.

The students were really excited to get involved in the day. Nathan Phelan said, “We made the fins, creating an outline on paper then cutting them out in thick card. Kieran Taylor added, “We created the nose cones out of polystyrene, and we had to grate it down to create the shape we wanted.”

In all the students built and launched sixteen rockets using gunpowder-powered explosive rocket motors that created an inspiring show.

08 February 2013

students prepare for launch

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