Student Leadership Team Elections 2012

This year’s SLT election has taken place this half term, and after weeks of campaigns, a school-wide vote and interviews with head teacher Mr Hayer, and deputy head teachers Mrs Webb and Mrs Wernick, the ‘Head’ posts have been allocated.

Congratulations to: Sarah Jane Callender (Head Girl), Tyrell Denny (Head Boy), Emma Helm (G&T Student Leader), Anisha Rahman and Tia Mae Miller (Deputy Head Girls) and Reza-Ul Haque and Ross Cummins (Deputy Head Boys).

All of the SLT conducted themselves professionally and maturely throughout the process and will continue to work as senior prefects around school. Well done to Connor Gill, Hannah Bell, Shahbaz Farnood, Mahi Siddika, Cynthia Moyo, Olivia Shaw, Emma Knight, Charlotte Rowlands, Lucy Vickers, Rimsha Irshad, Saadiqah Begum, Azima Begum, Ferdusi Yasmin, Amima Chowdhury, Molly Chambers, Rachel Cox, and Natasha West.

24 May 2012

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