Robot Wars at The Radclyffe School

Radclyffe students create battling robots in engineering challenge

Robot Wars came to the Radclyffe School as five teams of students built and battled their robot creations.

To celebrate the return on the BBC of the programme Robot Wars, the event saw the teams design and build their own robots. Each team was supplied with a basic chassis, but let their creativity run wild to make a robot that was robust enough to defend itself, but also equipped with a weapon to defeat its rivals.

Flippers, pincers and cutters proved the most popular designs. The students also decorated their creations ready for a battle at the end of the day, as the radio-controlled machines fought against each other and against a ‘house robot’.

A team from the school’s Science Club faced up to Gifted and Talented science students in each of Years 7, 8 and 9. A combined Year 7 and 8 team completed the line-up.

Teacher of Science Samantha Kenyon said, “The students had a lot of fun building their robots, but the day also taught them a great deal about science, technology and engineering. The battle proved very popular with the Year 7 team and their robot, Firespitter emerging victorious.

The school worked with Roaming Robots, the company responsible for the live nationwide tour of Robot Wars. The TV programme returns to the BBC later this year after a gap of 12 years.

05 July 2016

students prepare their robot for battle

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