Primary Science Day 2017

Circus science makes lessons clear for primary pupils

Learning lessons in science got a little different at The Radclyffe School this week. Pupils from four local primary schools visited the school getting a taste of the science they can expect to study in Year 7.

Scientist and entertainer Dr Ken Farquar introduced the children to the force of gravity. Exciting experiments with skateboards and basketballs helped the children to understand the scientific principles behind circus skills – why jugglers love gravity, how objects fall at the same rate whatever their mass, and the forces behind plate spinning and the diablo.

The pupils also experienced practical science lessons in the school’s laboratories, using red cabbage to create an indicator of acids and alkalis.

Assistant Head Teacher Denise Harrison said, “We always enjoy welcoming pupils to Primary Science Day, to show them what a fascinating and exciting subject science is. The children really enjoyed taking part and learning what’s possible when they move up to secondary school. We are delighted to show them the outstanding facilities we have at the school.”

29 September 2017

primary pupils show the circus science sills

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