Primary Science Day

Science lessons are Circus-shaped for primary pupils

Science lessons at took an exciting twist for pupils from five Chadderton primary schools, as they travelled to The Radclyffe School for a day of discovery.

Scientist and entertainer Dr Ken Farquar introduced the children to the force of gravity. He explained the scientific principles behind circus skills – why jugglers love gravity, how clowns use science to avoid hurting themselves and why unicyclists need to keep moving to stay still.

The pupils experienced practical science lessons in the school’s laboratories, using red cabbage to create an indicator of acids and alkalis.

Assistant Head Teacher Denise Harrison said, “We always enjoy welcoming pupils to Primary Science Day, to show them what a fascinating and exciting subject science is. The children really enjoyed taking part and learning what’s possible when they move up to secondary school. We are delighted to show them the outstanding facilities we have at the school.”

29 September 2016

pupils enjoying science show with Dr Ken

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