Presentation Evening 2016

Yasmin Jolly inspires record breaking class of 2016

The Radclyffe School has turned to one of their high flying former students, Yasmin Jolly, now studying Medicine at the University of Liverpool, to inspire its record breaking class of 2016 at the presentation to be held at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Yasmin Jolly was Head Girl at The Radclyffe School in 2008, the year that Sir Alex Ferguson officially opened the new building. Following study at Oldham Sixth Form, she has studied Medicine at the University of Liverpool.

Yasmin has recently completed a Masters degree at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and is due to graduate next month. Yasmin is currently in her final year of medical studies and is due to graduate as Dr Jolly in July 2017. She is a success story of The Radclyffe School and her family were in the audience as her sister Tahmina Millie was presented with her GCSE certificates and other prizes at the event.

During her address Yasmin recalled her time at The Radclyffe School. As a Year 7 student she was filmed for a project about career aspirations and said ‘doctor’, little knowing she would be able to fulfil that dream.

Recognising the difficulty of saying what you want to be in the future, Yasmin suggested a better question. She said, “Instead ask what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind, at school, at sixth form, at university, in your community. How do you want to be remembered?”

She advised students “Try something new, find out what you’re good at. When you find it, pursue it. Keep working until you become good at it, then keep on ‘til you become great, then go beyond that.”

Yasmin described her experiences since leaving school, spending a week in Romania setting up a clinic for disadvantaged children, working on a medical project in rural Bangladesh and carrying out research in Malawi. “If someone had told me when I was at school I would do all those things, I wouldn’t have even understood what they were.” Yasmin told the audience, “There are so many opportunities out there for you. Don’t be scared. Don’t say ‘what if I can’t do it?’, say ‘how am I going to do it?’”

The school also welcomed the Mayor, Councillor Derek Heffernan and Mayoress Di Heffernan to the event. The Mayor presented the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
Note to Editors

18 November 2016

Yasmin addressing the audience

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