Presentation Evening 2015

Tasleema inspires record breaking class of 2015

The Radclyffe School has turned to one of the highest young doctors in the country, Dr Tasleema Begum, to inspire its record breaking class of 2015 at the presentation held at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Tasleema is a Foundation Year 2 doctor currently working in Paediatrics at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. She left The Radclyffe School in 2007 with 8A*s and 5A grades which were all in her core subjects including Maths, English and Triple Science.

She then continued her academic success by leaving Oldham Sixth Form College with 4A grades at A-level. In 2009 she started her first year at the University of Manchester studying medicine. Here she managed to gain distinction and honour grades in all of her examinations. In her early years she came top of her year group of 400 medical students and won the Lord Platt prize and academic achievement and excellence awards.

As an undergraduate she managed to get multiple national poster and oral presentations of her projects and other work. She presented her research project at the British Society of Paediatric and Adult Rheumatology conference as well as having poster presentations at the national GP conference. She managed to have successful submissions to the UK clinical and Ethics Network resulting in a poster and oral presentations. She was given the institute of medical and ethics bursary to do this. Leading on from this she was invited to present some of her ethical work at the Royal College of Medicine in London.

She finished medical school in 2014 by coming top of the academic year and won the Tom Donaldson first prize for her outstanding achievement. The Dean of the Medical School commented that she was “extremely hard working and motivated”.

Tasleema spoke about her experience training in Medicine at the University of Manchester, and as a student at The Radclyffe School. She said, “I was the student who annoyed teachers by always knocking on the door and asking questions. I was always asking for more work and not handing in work that was only ‘good enough’.

“I went to The Radclyffe School, not a private or grammar school like many of the other Medical students. I was the first to go to university from my family and I had no source of advice. But I made it, You get nowhere without hard work.”

Her advice to current students was to take every opportunity they were given. “Say yes and then work out how you will do it later. Be ambitious and aim for the impossible. Build on your hobbies and interests.”

Currently Tasleema is busy working, getting used to newly married life and deciding what to do for specialty training. She hopes to do further work with young people aspiring to get into medical school and other higher education courses and continues to be part of The Radclyffe School.

Mayor, Councilor Atiquee Ur-Rehman and Madame Mayor also attended. The Mayor presented the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

27 November 2015

VIP guests at Presentation Evening

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