Preparatevi per la settimana di lingue*

Students’ taste of learning new languages

Podcasts in Chinese, poems in Welsh and an online quiz – these were all ingredients in an exciting week of language learning at The Radclyffe School.

Special language lessons took place in school, introducing students to languages they might be less familiar with. Activities also helped them to deepen their experience of French and Spanish, the main languages taught at the school.

A quiz for all students and staff tested their knowledge of European countries and culture, with prizes to be won. And on Thursday, the menu in the school restaurant, Café Mojo, took on a Francophile theme, with soupe a l’oignan, poule et frites, gratin dauphinoise and mousse au chocolat.

Year 8 student Saba Amber suggested the menu and has won herself a £10 voucher.

During their language lessons, Year 7 and 8 students undertook ‘QR Quests’, which involves searching for clues using iPods.

*that’s ‘Get ready for Languages Week’, in Italian

29 September 2014

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