Number crunchers!

Students tackle the Maths Challenge

Talented Maths students from The Radclyffe School took on a national challenge this week. They sat a paper of increasingly complex arithmetic questions, aiming to achieve as high a score as possible.

But unlike ordinary exams, as well as gaining points for correct answers the Year 7 and 8 students lost points for incorrect ones.

Each year the UK Mathematics Trust organises the challenge, which is sat by all entrants on the same day. The top 40% nationally receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate. The most exceptional students are invited to take part in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad.

Head of Maths at The Radclyffe School said, “The challenge is an excellent way for some of our best mathematicians to compete and show their ability. We’re looking forward to finding out their results.”

The charity UK Mathematics Trust organises national Maths competitions for school students, as well as other Maths enrichment activities.

01 May 2015

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