News story from Junior Reporter Sarah Nazir

Climbing the walls

Year 10 GCSE PE students were given the chance to boost their grades through indoor climbing at Oldham’s very own Mahdlo.

This trip consisted of 2 entire days of climbing, which were more gruelling than anyone would have thought. After the primary finger aching, bicep – straining, adrenaline pumping climbs up a 7 metre wall, the students were left in varying degrees of exhaustion (no one tells you how tiring it is!), but still looking forward to the next day.

The sessions were chaperoned by Miss Goddard and Mr Tootill, and led by two representatives. The Year 10s were taught how to tie climbing knots & to belay safely; they were later marked on these skills.

The students agreed they had a great time and most would agree to do it again. Some of us were a little daunted by the final test which involved falling backwards off a ledge – harnessed, of course.

27 October 2017

climbing at Mahdlo

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