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Future perfect with employability masterclass

Students from year 10, including myself, were invited to an employability masterclass organised by Young Enterprise. This 4-hour long seminar taught us the skills we will require for the future – whether that be for college interviews or a job placement in a decade. Essentially we learned the importance of a CV and how it plays a significant role in our futures.

The first hour depended on us finding who we are as individuals; who we want to become and who we aspire to be. An unusual activity faced us; we were to choose a shape that we were most attracted to: a square, a circle, a triangle or a squiggle. The shape we had selected symbolised our character – a square for hardworking, a circle someone who is friendly, a triangle someone confident and a squiggle who thrives off creativity.

On to the next activity – we were quizzed on how many brand logos we could recognise in two minutes. This showed the importance of brand identity – this is what and how we are perceived by others. We realised the personal qualities we currently hold and taught the skills we could go on to acquire as we develop as people. The speakers shared with us the positive traits employers search for, like confidence, initiative, organisation, resilience, communication and teamwork.

Then we moved on to create our own CV. This was our chance to pour all our new knowledge to create a template. Our CV had six key sections – personal details, profiles, skills, qualifications, work experience and interests. This was my favourite part of the day as it allowed me to exhibit all my new knowledge in a creative way.

The final section focussed on cover letters and interviews. Where most of us would be in positions for college and sixth form interviews in less than a year’s time, this was a great opportunity to figure how to impress future interviewers. The whole activity had me thinking of my future and how I could start from today, developing my personal pitch.

Most of us had entered the hall with practically no knowledge of CVs, cover letters and interviews. That certainly was the case for myself, but I left the room with a whole new idea and mindset on how important employability is.

20 April 2018

employability masterclass

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