New D&T course in Textiles

Out with the old, in with the new

Students have let their creativity loose in Design and Technology, crafting awesome dresses that have gone on display around school.

This is the last year of the Textiles GCSE. From next year we will offer a Design and Technology GCSE with a Textile focus.

In Design & Technology Textiles students study varied different materials, techniques and processes before researching a specific target market to see what new products they can design to meet customers needs. They research what their customers want, what materials are available, what is already on the market before designing their own imaginative, creative and innovative designs that could be a hit on the high street.

They will then make several prototypes of their different designs in paper, materials and CAD to work out how the product can be constructed. From the different prototypes they have made they will then take the very best bits from each prototype and make one final prototype that should fully meet all their customers’ requirements.

Teacher of D&T Mrs Jones said, “In addition to the coursework they also sit an exam on the theory of research, design, development, making and evaluating. It can be a very satisfying course allowing students creativity to develop into inventing and realising new products that don’t currently exist today.”

“It gives students the ability to problem solve, be creative thinkers and work well as a team, all valuable qualities to see you through life.”

20 April 2018

Rabiya and Fatima with their creations

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