National Poetry Day

Students find their rhythm and rhyme

Poems on subjects as varied as justice, identity and families are being created by students at The Radclyffe School to celebrate National Poetry Day.
As well as writing the poems, students will need to learn them by heart and recite them in front of a panel of judges.

The poems will be performed at the school as part of an annual performance poetry competition, Poetry by Heart.

The young people will write on a subject they felt passionate about. The contest held at school will be judged by teachers from English and Drama. The poems entered in the national competition could see the best poet win £1000, together with prizes for the school.

Later this term, the best poems will be entered into a national competition for lyric poets. The Busta Rhyme poetry competition is organised by charity Young Writers.

Lead Teacher in English, Deborah Atkinson said, “Creating their own poems has generated a lot of enthusiasm amongst our students. They have really engaged with the ideas and the judges were impressed with the quality of entries.”

“The ability to remember and recite poems is a new feature of GCSE English, so this competition is strengthening students’ abilities in this activity.”

12 October 2016

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