Loving learning languages

Workshops give a taste of new languages

Students with a penchant for Portuguese, a will for Welsh or an inclination for Italian are enjoying sampling a new language this week.

The Radclyffe School is celebrating the European Day of Languages with a week of workshops to introduce students to the variety of languages they could learn. German, Welsh, Italian and Portuguese are on offer, as well as Japanese as a more exotic option. From Year 7 all students in the school are taught either French or Spanish.

And lessons in other subjects will also dip into the European language theme, with quizzes to test the students’ knowledge of artists, writers, composers and scientists from across the continent. Students and staff will be able to enter competitions, and Years 7 and 8 are designing a new logo for the faculty.

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Joanne Parkes said, “The week long programme of events given our students the chance not only to learn more about new languages, but also about different cultures too. We’re extremely excited about all the activities we’ve got planned and are looking forward to sharing our love of languages across the whole school.”

25 September 2013

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