International School Project

Live link lets students talk to Ghana

A live satellite link with a school in Ghana gave a group of students a glimpse of how different going to school in the two countries is, but also how much the young people have in common.

For several years we have collected books for schools in a number of countries in the developing world. This year as part of their Citizenship and Values lessons, Year 10 students have helped with this collection, and it was the students who collected the most who took part in the call, travelling to City Airport in Salford. With the help of charity G-AID, the students asked and answered questions with their peers from the Modern Star school in Tamale, the fourth largest city in Ghana.

One question in particular could be leading to an interesting project. Access to clean water at school was the Tamale students greatest desire, and as a result we hope to launch a project in school to help bring this about.

Further contacts have already been booked so as a school we will be able to develop stronger links with Modern Star in the future.

13 December 2016

students speak to peers in Ghana

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