Holocaust Memorial Day

Students pledge to keep the memory alive

Students at The Radclyffe School marked Holocaust Memorial Day, creating a thoughtful display to pledge how they would remember.

The theme of the annual commemoration this year was ‘Keeping the Memory Alive’, as the generation that experienced the holocaust and World War Two ages. Assemblies for each year group through the week reminded young people not only of the experiences in the 1940s but also more recent genocide in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Students were asked to contribute to a display in school. Drawing around their hands on paper and cutting out the shapes, hundreds of pledges have been written about the importance of remembering.

One student wrote “I will keep the memory fresh, so younger generations can learn about the Holocaust and make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.” Another said, “I pledge to always visit my grandfather’s grave because he served in WW1 and WW2.”

Other students wrote imagined letters to survivors of the holocaust. One included the words, ‘The holocaust was disgusting and never should have happened. You are very brave to have gone through it and be able to tell your experiences.

Information displayed around the school taught students the story of the Warsaw Ghetto. Students were encouraged to discover the survivors’ stories, helping them to improve skills in literacy and presentation.

30 January 2015

hands display

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