HOBY youth conference 2016

Learning Leaders take time to develop talent

A special Easter-holiday conference enabled students from The Radclyffe School to develop skills in leadership.

Young people from across the North-West travelled to Lancaster University for the four-day event. The conference was organised by international youth leadership charity HOBY UK. The students met other young people from other schools and backgrounds, along with leaders from business and social enterprises.

Amongst the delegates were Year 10 students Chloe Barnett-Benedikti and Mohammed Nabir. Chloe said the event helped to build her confidence. “It gave me the skills to stop letting other people get in the way of what I want to achieve. It was great to meet new people.”

Nabir added, “Learning how to lead a team, to speak in front of an audience were the best parts of the event. At the end of the event I was part of a team who spoke in front of the whole group, including parents.”

During the conference the students heard from inspiring speakers in the university’s lecture halls, and discussed what they heard in smaller groups. Amongst the speakers were Action Jackson of the Fix-Up Team, who has visited school previously to motivate students, and the Chief Executive of the company behind safeguarding app, toot toot.

During the event the young people took part in a conference call with delegates from another HOBY conference in Iraq, exploring the differing experience of HOBY in the two countries, and discovering that the differences were very few.

Asked about how what they had learned would help them in the future, Nabir said that in employment or starting a business it gave awareness of the skills needed. Their experience boosted their speaking skills in front of an audience.

Chloe added, “It is life-changing. I hadn’t believed this at first but now I can see it’s true. Meeting other people was daunting at first but from sitting together as the Radclyffe students conversations started and people got to know each other, and work together.”

The experience helped both students to be confident enough to apply for the roles of Head Boy and Head Girl at the school.

HOBY is an international youth leadership movement founded in the USA in 1958 by actor Hugh O’Brian, hence the name HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth). It organises events in 40 countries around the world, including a World Leadership Congress held annually in Chicago.

09 May 2016

HOBY students

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