GW Theatre present play on sexual exploitation

Hard hitting drama gives students the message

A powerful play exploring themes around sexual exploitation and street grooming got Year 10 students thinking at The Radclyffe School.

Somebody’s Sister, Somebody’s Daughter presented the human stories of three young people – Chloe, a 15 year old girl from an ordinary family, caught up in a vicious grooming gang. Sara, the half Asian best friend who saves her and Javid, the young man who risks everything to help Sara get Chloe out of the grip of his ‘uncle’ Adeem and his ‘business partner’ Phil.

The story was presented with empathy, anger and surprising humour. The play dramatized the dangers and complex issues involved in such a sensitive subject.

The performances were followed by a hot seating session, where the actors come back in character so audiences can question their actions.

Year 10 Year Manager Charlotte O’Keefe said, “We were very happy to welcome GW Theatre Company into school. They tackled a sensitive subject in a way that was accessible to our students, and they responded really well. We are aware this is a live subject for the local community and it is important to be discussing it.”

The project is part-funded by two local authorities in Greater Manchester and one in Oxfordshire. A national conference on street grooming, led by Oldham Council is planned, with the drama project as its centrepiece.

13 July 2015

scene from play

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