Google Expeditions Day

Students set out on virtual adventures

Science lessons for students saw them exploring different parts of the world but they did not need to leave the building.

The Year 7 youngsters worked with staff from Google Expeditions, using virtual reality headsets to explore and learn about new landscapes.

Through the Google Expeditions Day, the different groups of students visited destinations chosen by the teacher. These included the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, beneath the sea in the Galapagos islands and even in space. The teacher controlled the destination from a tablet computer, taking the whole class to the destination.

The headsets used by Google Expeditions are made of sustainable cardboard and when worn give the students a moving panorama that they can explore individually. As well as 360-degree photo spheres and three-dimensional images, the headsets provide the sounds that students would expect to hear.

Teacher of Science Misba Salim said, “Using the headsets created great excitement for all the students. It gave them a wonderful experience, learning in a totally new and inspiring way.”

03 March 2017

student shows excitement of discovery

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