First for Oldham

Eco team introduces food waste recycling

The initiative of three Year 7 students has led to food waste from Food and Nutrition lessons being recycled rather than thrown into landfill.

Across Oldham it’s now possible to recycle all cooked and uncooked food waste, and students Muhammad, Luqman and Baaz decided they wanted to ensure that leftovers from their lessons also went to the right place.

They have worked with Year 10 Year Manager Mrs Imeson and the Eco Team to bring recycling boxes into the Food and Nutrition classrooms.

All the waste is held in bags that can be composted, before collection by Oldham Council. Thanks to building managers Kier, we are also recycling metal cans in Food and Nutrition and stepping up the recycling of paper, cardboard and plastic bottles.

24 May 2017

students ensure food waste is recycled

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