European Day of languages 2016

Week of languages brings entertaining learning

A week of events at The Radclyffe School to celebrate learning languages saw students and staff explore unfamiliar tongues, test their knowledge of life overseas, and taste the cuisine from around the world.

Short sessions sampling a new language were offered through the week in Spanish, German, Portuguese and Welsh, just some of the languages spoken by teaching staff at the school. Diners enjoyed a special menu on Thursday including tortillas, lasagne and vichyssoise (a thick French vegetable soup).

A quiz for staff tested knowledge of numbers, capital cities, famous Europeans and where ‘English’ words come from.

The week coincided with the European Day of Languages. Created by the Council of Europe, the annual event celebrates and shares language learning from all countries. Events around the day encourage people of all ages to learn different languages, in and out of school.

Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Jo Parkes said, “Staff and students had a lot of fun finding out about languages both familiar and completely new. We make learning languages entertaining which helps students to engage and make outstanding progress.”

04 October 2016

Students celebrate language learning

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