Etihad enlightening venue for literacy day

Students leading to improve reading

Football and reading was a fascinating combination for forty boys from the Radclyffe School as they visited Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

During the day the students found out about the history of the football club as well as about the redevelopment taking place in that part of Manchester.

The event enabled students in Year 9 who are Literacy Sports Leaders to work with Year 7 students to help them improve their reading skills. It was the finale of six weeks of lessons where the older students have supported their younger peers.

Assistant Headteacher Dr Dave Burns said, “The visit was another exciting way to develop the lads’ reading skills and a love of books. Whichever club they support, all the boys were interested and enjoyed taking part.”

The National Literacy Trust and the Premier League created the programme for the day, just one activity around the World Cup using football to encourage reading, especially amongst boys.

11 June 2014

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