Drama students learn stage secrets

Acting masterclass brings Blood Brothers to life

Acting out scenes from West End musical Blood Brothers has given GCSE Drama students at The Radclyffe School a practical experience this week, delivered by an actor who has performed in the show on the London stage.

Michael Southern played ‘Sammy’ in the West End production of Blood Brothers for 10 years. He shared secrets of the stage with the students and explained theatre terms as varied as upstage and downstage, flies and curtain calls. The group moved on to exercises in improvisation and concentration, to help improve their acting skills.

Before reading through and performing scenes from the play, set in Liverpool from the 1960s to the 1980s, the students had to practice acting in a Liverpool accent. The story follows two brothers separated at birth and raised in very different backgrounds. Students learned about the comedy at the heart of the play but also the tragic storyline.

The GCSE students are studying Blood Brothers as a chosen set text for this year. During workshops the students will interpret the story as well as writing about the ideas.

Head of Drama Charlotte Taberham said, “The workshop was an exciting opportunity and showed off the students’ abilities. Working with Michael helped to get to grips with the play.”

16 January 2018

Students practice a curtain call

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