Computer Science Education Week

Micro:bit magic as students learn to code

The highlight of a busy week of learning saw students write their own computer code to create the basics of computer gaming.

A full day workshop for Gifted & Talented students in Computing, as well as Year 8 students considering Computing as a GCSE option, gave the students an introduction to the Micro:bit, a mini computer created by the BBC to give everyone the opportunity to learn coding.

The students were guided by game designer Ali Maggs from coding company Chaos Created. Using the Micro:bit technology they wrote the code for a fitness tracker and dice game, as well as looking at the programming languages used in industry. Beginning with codes for simple tasks like making characters move, the students moved on to more complex detail, increasing speed and direction.

The Micro:bit computers have been given to the school by the BBC to encourage students to consider careers in computing. Coding is used in varied technology, and nationally there is a shortage of qualified staff.

The Radclyffe School celebrated Computer Science Education Week with a choice of lunchtime activities. Students could learn about the different types and applications of computer code, and take part in the world wide Hour of Code, a global initiative to enable people from all backgrounds to take a one-hour tutorial to find out more about coding.

13 December 2016

students with their Micro:bit computers

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