Co-operative Trust Olympics

Primary athletes’ show track and field prowess

Teams of primary school children competed in the Radclyffe School Co-operative Games. After all the track and field events were done the winners were Mills Hill Primary School.

The annual competition brings together all the schools in the Radclyffe Co-operative Trust for an exciting and fun competition. Each school represented a different country, and the event began with a parade around the running track at the Radclyffe Athletics Centre.

Once the competition began the children got stuck in to a mix of track and field events including sprints, high jump, long jump and relay races. There will also be some more fun events including welly tossing. While the pupils weren’t competing they were cheering on their schools as all the events took place.

Together with The Radclyffe School the primaries are part of the Radclyffe Co-operative Learning Trust, which combines expertise and experience to raise standards and offer many varied education opportunities to young people.

School Sports Co-ordinator Liam Roberts said, “A big thank you is due to all the children who competed. Everyone was really enthusiastic and showed good sportsmanship.

Final result saw Mills Hill the winners, Bare Trees in second place and St Matthews third.

02 July 2015

Mills Hill team

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