Claim your child’s entitlement to a meal at school and get other benefits as well.

Free School Meals bring students extra funds.

Café Mojo, the dining area at The Radclyffe School serves hundreds of hot meals every day, as well as healthy snacks, drinks and delicious desserts.

To be ready for learning we know our students need to be fed, and Café Mojo provides a fantastic, regularly changing menu throughout the year. To ensure that all students can take advantage of this, we encourage parents who are able to, to claim a free school meal for their child. Each day £2.28, the cost of a ‘Meal of the Day’ in the café is credited to your child’s account.

There is an added benefit to you and to the school. Students claiming a free school meal also attract Pupil Premium funding from the Government. This extra money for the school is really valuable in enabling us to provide more for students. Even if your circumstances change, this funding stays with students for up to six years.

In cases of financial hardship fees that the school charges, for instance for visits out of school may not be charged – our indicator of hardship is that a student is currently eligible for free school meals or has been eligible in the last 6 years. Find out more from the school’s Charging and Remissions Policy.

Your child is eligible to receive free school meals if you receive Universal Credit (no matter how much).

Claiming your child’s right to a free school meal is simple – just contact the Welfare Benefits Team at Oldham Council on 0161 770 6688 or download the simple application form from Oldham Council.

Parents of new Year 7 Pupils – Please be aware that if your child received free school meals at their primary school you need to renew your application to make sure they get a free school meal at The Radclyffe School.

01 December 2017

Cafe Mojo meal

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