Citizenship and Values lesson visits Hunt Lane

A Hug in a Mug for school’s neighbours

Students at The Radclyffe School have sent a ‘hug in a mug’ to their neighbours around Hunt Lane in Chadderton.

As part of their Citizenship and Values lessons, the students knocked on doors close to the school to give residents specially wrapped mugs filled with a variety of teabags. The idea had been created by the school’s British Values team.

Citizenship and Values Co-ordinator Katie Parkinson said, “Building links with our neighbours and the local community is an important priority, and the idea of a hug in a mug was well received. One lady even gave a hug back to the students who knocked on her door.”

The British Values team aims to create links between the school and its wider community, and help students to consider issues around making Britain a better place to live.

06 May 2016

students deliver their hug in a mug

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