Children's author Tommy Donbavand visits

Scary stories and Doctor Who

Award-winning children’s author Tommy Donbavand brought his tall tales to the Radclyffe School.

Students from Year 7 joined Tommy in creative writing workshops, looking at ways to think up fantastic ideas for stories and create interesting and unusual characters. They also enjoyed a hilarious interactive talk Giant Crabs Ate My Brain! which told the story of how Tommy came to write scary books.

Writer of the hugely successful Scream Street series, Tommy has also written stories for reluctant and struggling readers such as Zombie!, Uniform, Virus, They came from Class 6c and My Teacher Ate My Brain.

Tommy’s visit was especially exciting for fans of Dr Who – he has written the next official Dr Who story, Shroud of Sorrow, which is to be published in April.

08 February 2013

Tommy with students

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