Cadbury World visit

Business lessons from chocolate history

Business studies students at The Radclyffe School learned about how a good employer looks after its employees, with chocolate included as a bonus!

The GCSE students travelled to Cadbury World in Bourneville, Birmingham to learn about the company. They found out about workplace pensions, work life balance and good practice in health and safety.

The young people toured the Cadbury World exhibition gaining an introduction to the history of the famous company. Elsewhere they saw chocolate being packed in the packaging plant and the company’s skilled chocolatiers hand-crafting in chocolate.

A discussion with Cadbury’s staff provided greater detail on how the company operates. Founded by a Quaker family in the 18th Century, the company has always taken an ethical approach to business.

The visit was an important part of the students’ coursework assessment, comparing the running of a large company with a small business.

Teacher of Business Studies, Jonathan Graham said, ““The day was a fantastic experience for students to see their textbooks come to life and speak to professionals about their multinational business.”

Students returned with a wealth of knowledge to enable them to write a detailed report about Cadbury’s and their fair working practices. The reports will contribute to the students’ final GCSE Business Studies grades.

09 March 2016

Cabury World sign

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