Birds of Prey excite students' imagination

Day of learning about talon-ted hunters

Eagles, hawks and owls were the main attraction at The Radclyffe School, as a day about birds of prey enabled students to learn about these magnificent hunters.

Students from the school as well as pupils visiting from two local primary schools were treated to a display of the birds’ flying skills. They also learnt about the hunting habits and feeding fashions of the Barn Owl, Harris Hawk, European Eagle Owl and Britain’s largest bird of prey, the White Tailed Sea Eagle.

This term Year 8 students at the school have been learning about animal behaviour, and the children from St Luke’s and St Matthew’s Primary Schools have been looking at food chains, predators and prey.

Assistant Headteacher Sally Ayre said, “All the young people were thrilled to stroke the birds’ feathers and to have them fly just above their heads. This is another excellent example of hands-on learning that the students will remember for a long time.”

16 October 2012

white tailed sea eagle

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