BBC School Report Day 2018

Making the news around school

Becoming BBC Reporters for the day helped a team of Year 8 students to prepare stories and create an authentic-looking broadcast.

The BBC School Report Day offers an introduction to the world of broadcast media. After identifying their stories the team chose their various roles, and arranged and carried out interviews. As School Report Day dawned everything was ready to put together the final broadcast.

Two newsreaders lead from the ‘studio’. Using green screen technology their film looked as if they were in the BBC Newsroom at New Broadcasting House. From there they linked to outside broadcasts of an interview with Head Boy and Head Girl Muhammed Ali and Masuma Sadejah, an update on Readathon, and a discussion on the Duke of Edinburgh award programme.

Just like the BBC broadcast, a team in the background were busy getting everything ready as roving reporters, scriptwriters, directors, camera operators and sound engineers.

Once everything was filmed, the team were also responsible for editing their work and putting together the finished piece. This is available not only on the screens in school but at the School Report Day section of the BBC website.

12 April 2018

Students poised for School Report Day

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