BBC School Report Day 2017

Students get the scoop on the latest news

A team of Year 8 students produced their own professional news broadcast as part of the BBC’s School Report Day.

Taking on the roles of newsreaders, reporters, script-writers camera and sound operator, the students chose three important stories. They looked back at the recent Charlotte Heggarty Writing Festival, and forward to the school’s summer production ‘Oliver’. Finally they interviewed both the Head Boy Fahim Ahmed and Head Girl Reanna Johnson on the importance of their roles.

The reporters interviewed staff and students, asking questions and finding answers. Then filming the news bulletin made use of ‘green screen’ technology to create the image of the newsreaders, Jacob and Katie in the BBC News studio. They recorded their script to camera and then the whole team learned about, and took part in, editing the final report.

Teacher of English Mr Callanan said, “Taking part in School Report Day is a valuable experience for the whole team, developing practical skills as they report on the exciting life of the school. The students have produced a brilliant film and were excited to see it live on the school’s website.”

You can watch The Radclyffe School’s finished report, at

17 March 2017

School Report Day team

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