Bags of Help funding will boost growing project

Calling all Tesco shoppers!

We are delighted to be shortlisted for a Tesco ‘Bags of Hope’ award. This means we will receive funds for a wonderful project helping students learn to grow their own food.

Within the school grounds a small garden area will be rejuvenated with raised beds and growing areas where fresh fruit and veg will bloom. We aim to give away the produce to meet local need.

A restored pond will encourage wildlife, together with a ‘bug hotel’, encouraging insects that help to pollenate the plants we all rely on.

So how can you help? Teacher of Design & Technology Mr Munro explains, “Every time you shop in Tesco in Oldham you will receive a blue token. Find the voting unit in store and place the token to give us your vote.”

“The project is the brainchild of our Year 10 students, encouraging Year 7 and 8 students to discover their green fingers. As these students get older they will mentor younger students to keep the project producing”.

When the area is ready for crop production the team will recruit students from Years 7 and 8. These students will manage and maintain the garden. Year 9 Business Studies students will help with the business/charity model for the produce.

When the year 8 team members enter KS4, they will recruit from the new group of year 7 students, again via an application process. The new team members will then be coached by the departing KS4 students. This approach has been designed to promote the sustainability of the project with a new influx of passionate horticulturists, and budding entrepreneurs each and every year.

All votes will count up until 31st October, in the Tesco stores in Chadderton, Shaw, Greenfield, Lees Road, Huddersfield Road and Ashton Road. Thank you for your support.

10 September 2018

raised planters awaiting their revival

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